Topics of Interest

If you are looking for something in particular, please use the list below to help find what you are looking for. All of our programs, services and webinars have been shown under their relevant topics.

Our Topics of Interest

featured image Career Development

Deciding what you want to do, choosing which skills to focus on and how to develop and advance along your career path is a whole set of difficult choices. We support leaders as they navigate these decisions.

featured image Coaching

Coaching is at the core of everything we do. We train managers with coaching skills, devleop team coaching or provide executive coaching as a service.

featured image Collaboration

We don't achieve anything alone. We need to work together to join all the skills and abilities of everyone around us.

featured image Communication Skills

All managers and leaders need to be able to communicate effectively and powerfully. These programs will help bring out the strong communicator in you.

featured image Decision Making

Everything we achieve as a manager or leader is based on the decision we make. When we consistently make good decisions, we get creat outcomes. Let us help you focus on and improve the quality of your decision making.

featured image Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is an essential skill for all leaders. We need to be good at it and yet we seem to consistently get it wrong. We will help you navigate your way through this very difficult conversation.

featured image Leadership

Leadership drives success and effectiveness in the modern organisation. We believe that leaders are concern about people and work to unlock the full potential of everyone in their organisation.

featured image Management Development

We are a management development company and everything we do is focused on developing strong and effective managers are leaders. These programs are a core management development programs.

featured image Personal Effectiveness

We need to learn how to lead ourselves before we can lead others. Our personal effectiveness is at the core of our ability to get things done and achieve our vision.

featured image Persuasion and Influence

We regularly operate in an evironment where we don't have authority. In these cases we draw on our ability to negotiate, persuade or influence each other. These are essential skills.

featured image Strategy

Strategy is the abiliy to guarantee the success of the organisation through a constantly changing and potentially hostile future. It is built on a vision of the future and expressed through the ability to motivate the organisation into action.

featured image Leadership Team Effectiveness

Team effectiveness is the extra element which allows a team of high performers to produce something more and become a high performance team.