Leadership Team Effectiveness

Organisations succeed with a high performing leadership team

A single leader can make some difference but strong leaders have strong teams. Your leadership leadership team is at the heart of your organisation’s ability to drive results.

How complex is your leadership team?

High performing teams are plugged in. They feel empowered to make an impact whilst creating positive experiences for the team and staff. Low performing teams work in silos and feel disengaged from the team’s purpose.

Using VG’s Leadership Team Effectiveness’ Team Complexity Model, assess the complexity of your leadership team and we can recommend the best process and facilitation approach:

Match Team Complexity with Right Team Intervention

How This Program Will Help You

This highly customised in-house program is designed for teams who want to transform their business together as a high performing team.

We focus on team development areas that will give the greatest return for your business, which includes:

  • Supporting newly formed senior teams
  • Reviewing and aligning the top team’s strategic direction and priorities
  • Addressing new challenges from competition or the business environment
  • Resolving conflicts between individuals and within the team
  • Helping senior teams adapt to rapid growth and changes
  • Establishing stronger leadership capabilities and impact
  • Rejuvenating senior teams

Teams in the world of music and sports take decades to hone their craft and master teamwork. VG’s Leadership Team Effectiveness program accelerates this process for you. This program focuses on coaching your leadership team to become ONE TEAM for high performance.

Who Should Attend:

This highly organic and customised program is designed for teams who want to transform their business together as a high performing team. Teams which we work with include:

  • The Executive Board
  • C-suite Teams
  • Global and Regional Executive Teams
  • Leadership Teams
  • Teams of Functional Heads
  • Global and Regional Team Heads


In-person: 2 full-day workshops

Remote: 2 hours x 8 live webinar sessions

Some leadership teams may need more than one cycle, depending on the needs of the engagement.


Through an initial process of understanding the team, specific team interventions and competencies are applied and honed to facilitate deeper and powerful conversations between team members.

Effective team conversations lead to collaborative consensus and good decision-making as a team. Our team interventions aims to facilitate a safe environment for effective feedback that improves and resolves conflicts, encourage deep thinking and ultimately perform effectively as one team.

To discover more, please contact us:

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What Clients Say About The Program

It has taught us ways to work effectively as a team in a way which can be used in either a small or big group setting. It has also taught us to try to give feedback which will encourage other team members to do better.

~ Vice President HR

I would say it was a good start for us to begin building this team. No BS, straight to the point and provided some very useful tools for us to take forward and implement.


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