Strategic Thinking and Action Program

Strategy In Leadership Matters

Companies can build the capacities needed for strategic leadership. It starts with recognising that your organisation has emerging leaders whose strategic qualities are being overlooked or untapped. VG can help you close those gaps and build their strategic thinking capabilities.

VG’s Strategic Insight and Action program uses the principles of strategy to challenge senior executives to open their minds, gain new insights into their business situations, and develop new options for their business. The result is a fresh insight to lead the business.

How This Program Will Help You

Robust strategic thinking does not have to be an abstract mystery only for a selected few. This program will lead you to gain a deeper understanding of your company’s strategy so that you can be more effective in your role and implementation.

Like the appreciation of fine wine, you will learn through this program to:

  • Open yourself to new mindsets for better business outcomes.
  • Know how the strategic process works.
  • Recognise the strategic processes in your own organisation.
  • Develop in you a strategic viewpoint with tools and techniques.
  • Appreciate the attributes of strategic excellence.
  • Link your organisation’s strategies to your own day‐to‐day work.
  • Be challenged to align the actions in your own area of responsibility to your company’s strategy.

Strategic Insight and Action engages and inspires participants to take a strategic view of their business. The program challenges participants to open their minds, take new perspectives and develop new innovative approaches for their business.

Who Should Attend

  • Participants should have decision making responsibility and accountability for success in their area of responsibility.
  • Senior managers, country managers, functional lead and senior individual contributors with responsibilities to build the business, develop new opportunities or provide leadership.


In-person: 2 full-day workshops

Remote: 2 hours x 8 live webinar sessions

Approach & Success Measures

Highly interactive, demanding, intensive and practical, Strategic Insight and Action is presented in a collaborative atmosphere. You will be challenged and stimulated to learn through analysing a detailed strategic case study and frameworks. Practical applications include interpreting and analysing your own organisation’s strategy; and developing your own action plan and presenting to your senior management.

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What Clients Say About The Program

I would say the sessions are meaningful and fruitful if you commit to the program. It will teach you what are indispensable capabilities as a manager and that we are promoted not because of our knowledge or experiences in the past and, rather, we are expected to manage the limited resource and time to achieve the desired outcome.

~ Mizuho Bank Thailand

A well-paced program that teaches key elements that every good manager should be aware of and actively practicing.

~ Mizuho Bank Thailand

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