Personal Mastery

“To lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself.”

Employees That Companies Fight To Keep

Employees who make an impact - What sets them apart? How do they do it?

High achieving employees deliver goals for themselves and their organisations. They have great personal mastery by using personal resources at their disposal - talents, skills, energy and time - which enable them to achieve professional goals.

Having work efficiency is all about your ability to create maximum value, with minimum time and effort.

How This Program Will Help You

By the end of the VG’s Personal Mastery program, you will:

  • Have personal mastery - someone who achieves and focuses on what’s important.
  • Create more value and results for the organisation immediately and consistently.
  • Improve your personal productivity by minimising waste and maximising output.
  • Drive personal commitment and accountability to the organization.
  • Prepare yourself for greater effectiveness and influence in your given role.

Personal Mastery program helps executives become high achieving employees who know how to effectively use personal resources to deliver goals for themselves and their organisation,

Who Should Attend

Suitable for all staff with a particular focus on high potential individual contributors who are ready to create deeper impact in their role. It is suitable for all members of staff who are interested in increasing their work efficiency or professional effectiveness.


In-person: 2 full-day workshops

Remote: 2 hours x 8 live webinar sessions

Approach & Success Measures

A powerful program, participants will be challenged in their core beliefs and attitudes, Our unique yet practical exercises will inspire change to better behaviours. Throughout the program, participants will experience activities which will display before and after changes.

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What Clients Say About The Program

The trainers are approachable, there is a lot of engagement between the trainer and the participants. Trainer able to engage all participants and nobody is left behind. Time management in this program is good, contents are evenly spaced out and it is not too exhausting for participants.

~ Assistant Vice President, Banking MNC


~ Vice President of Corporate Banking

If you wanted to be an extraordinary person, just register and attend the course, and you will transform yourself to be better “you” compared to yesterday.

~ Senior Medical Sales, Pharmaceutical MNC

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