Pivotal Leadership

Becoming an Organisational Leader

As you grow to more senior levels of organisational leadership, there is a point where you can no longer directly connect with each person in your team.

The practice of leadership now requires a new set of approaches. You still need to manage your boss (or bosses) and you own clear outcomes and targets in the organisation but you no longer have direct control over the people who deliver these results.

You are a Pivotal Leader. You are the focal point between cascading the larger priorities of the organisation and driving results from the various stakeholders.

How This Program Will Help You

  • You will embrace the challenge of strong organisational leadership
  • Understand the power of your personal example
  • Improve the quality of your leadership decision-making
  • Build employee engagement
  • Create a positive, motivating and engaging environment
  • Inspire the organisation through a strong leadership intent and purpose
  • Improve the quality of your followership
  • Shape organisational culture
  • Create strong guidelines for consistent behaviour and operation
  • Create alignment and manage performance issues and alignment issues

Organisational leaders face many challenges with unprecedented degree of complexity. They need exceptional leadership skills to lead their team or division and manage cross- functional teams.

Pivotal Leadership Program is for such leaders - Pivotal Leaders who need to unlock the power of a focused, aligned and engaged division, department or function.

Who Should Attend

Highly recommended for senior managers or ‘managers of managers’ who lead a function or department. Managers who want to build skills to create organisational performance and success, improve the quality of engagement between themselves and the rest of the organisation, and capabilities needed for a high performance organisation.


In-person: 2 full-day workshops

Remote: 2 hours x 12 live webinar sessions

Approach & Success Measures

Dynamic, interactive and hands on with direct application to the Pivotal Leader’s current environment and business. Measures and checkpoints are placed with their relevant stakeholders before and after the program to create accountability with the leader for tangible results.

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What Clients Say About The Program

Worth Every Minute!

~ Senior Director

Addresses practical issues and ideas that can be implemented in daily work

~ Finance Director

Enjoyed the concepts brought forth as self realization of own lack of management skills is very powerful

~ General Manager

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