Empowering Leadership

Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is about growing others. ~ Jack Welch

The Weight Of Being A Manager

Many managers speak often about the weight of responsibility that accompanies them as managers. Motivating staff, improving performances and driving results - these areas all depend on leadership abilities and managerial understanding.

Managerial skills are not in-born (at least for most of us). When managers learn and develop the right skills, they become great conduits and drivers who increase their influence of themselves and their team members.

How This Program Will Help You

Focusing on two foundational aspects of management, Managing People and Improving Performance, VG’s Empowering Leadership Program’s key outcomes will help you:

  • Build have a strong foundation in the core principles of people management and leadership.

  • Establish the critical skills of empowering work, creating outcomes, setting goals and delegation.

  • Provide a common leadership language and common management approach in your organisation

  • Instill and inspire the unique value that you as a manager provide in leading an organisation.

Empowering Leadership program builds the cornerstone for leadership and management skills that is needed to increase individual staff and team value.

Who Should Attend

Highly recommended for experienced managers who have current responsibilities for the managing of staff and improving team performance.


In-person: 2 full-day workshops

Remote: 2 hours x 8 live webinar sessions

Approach & Success Measures

Dynamic, interactive and hands on with direct application to the manager’s current team throughout the sessions. Measures and checkpoints are placed with the relevant stakeholders before, and after the program to create accountability with the participants for tangible results.

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What Clients Say About The Program

Highly recommended. Practical content, engaging and experienced trainers. Useful for new section heads and good reminder for those who are not new.

~ Executive Director, Global Bank

Some of the core concepts are explained very well during the program but most importantly, theory aside, practitioner approach is more relevant and that's where value add comes in by simulating role plays and doing group exercises in the program. This is the highlight of the program in my opinion which has always been the key strength.

~ Head of Credit Risk, Global Bank

Learn a lot knowledge from this program to leader level. How to build confidence, develop staff....There are a lot of roles play which makes it easier to understand.

~ Finance & Accounting, Pharmaceutical MNC

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