Presenting for Action

A high impact presentation creates action in the shortest time. It is efficient and effective.

All experienced managers are usually comfortable in giving presentations. In a competitive environment, comfort is not enough. Business success requires impact.

Delegates will receive detailed personal feedback on their presentation style are coached according to their individual skills in a collaborative learning environment. The presentations are recorded and every delegate will see their progress.


Presenting for Action is a highly interactive seminar. Participants will work with their own content and gain feedback on their presentations. Presentations will be video recorded and every participant will review their recordings.


At the end of the 2-day workshop, participants will:

  • Focus on creating action through any presentation
  • Learn a simple framework that can be used to develop any effective communication.
  • Improve all aspects of their personal presentation style from body language, to voice projection to the use of media.
  • Gain confidence in dealing and interacting with an audience.


Presenting for Action is an intermediate programme for mid-level executives. It is for people who have given some business presentations and are seeking to improve their impact.

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What Clients Say About The Program

I will highly recommend for anyone who is keen to improve their presentation skills.

~ Finance Executive

It was a very intense yet eye opening experience. Would definitely recommend.

~ Finance Manager

It is a very good program to sharpen our presentation skills and deliver a presentation that produces action from the audience.

~ General Manabger

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