High Performance Team

Woh Hup - Human Resource Team Coaching

When necessary we love to join in and help with the hard work. The construction business is a demanding and challenging industry. It’s fast-paced and dynamic. For a company the size of Woh Hup, it’s exceptionally so.

Group Facilitation

With our unique facilitation style, we steer the group discourse in meetings into clear direction, goals and guidelines for discussion.

Meeting Observation

For managers who want to gain an insight in the quality of their leadership.

Mathematicians In A High Performing Team

Examples of high performing teams are pretty rare so whenever I find one, especially away from the realm of sport, it captures my attention. Amir D. Aczel’s book The Artist and the Mathematician, The Story of Nicolas Bourbaki the Genius Mathematician who Never Existed surprised me with such an example. So how did they do it?