Supply Chain & Logistics sits between forces as diverse as  the global dynamics of international trade and the personal demands of online shopping. Huge investment and constant change are the daily work of this industry. What remains constant is their promise to deliver -- no matter what. Delivering this promise requires technology and new business models. It also requires organisations that deliver.

The internet has rocked the postal world. The global mail business is fast declining, but with increased online shopping, vPost, parcel delivery services and e-commerce logistics have become the stars.

To meet the changing demands, SingPost began to move from a silo-structure to an integrated supply chain structure. This meant reorganising the sales team that comprised 40 individuals with 40 different skill sets, competencies and experience.

Through our Assessment Experience, we identified the right people for the right role. We evaluated every one of them.

Along the way, we uncovered some gems in the company and placed them successfully in suitable positions. The reorganised team is now better positioned to deal with new business challenges.