Iconic buildings do not build themselves. They are design and beauty expressed through steel, concrete and glass. They are the result of a huge team working together against enormous constraints. It takes great organisational capacity to build enduring icons. It takes organisations that dare do things differently.

Sometimes we just do not know. We do not know what we do really well and do not know where we struggle. 

Aurum Land is a boutique residential developer with a passion for people, details and designs that stand out. They struggled to find the right project manager. Strong and qualified candidates didn't seem to work out. 

So we partnered with Aurum Land through our recruitment coaching process. Together we took a step back and clarified exactly what Aurum Land did that made them so special. Clarified their business model and the contribution of the project manager, adopted some more objective approaches to assessment and ended with the right way to bring the best candidate onboard.  

Give them a call. You will love their developments and you will see the new addition to the team is just super.

Woh Hup has grown from simple beginnings to become Singapore's largest privately owned construction and civil engineering specialist. Many of the projects undertaken by the company are iconic landmarks such as Reflections at Keppel Bay, Conservatory Complex at Gardens by the Bay and The Interlace.

Woh Hup believes in the value of its organisation and people. They believe in investing for the future. Together with their management team, we have helped build their core organisational capabilities for a sustaining culture in this dynamic business environment. We are proud to still be a part of their growth through projects such as performance management, leadership training, team coaching, individual coaching, graduate recruitment programme and internship.